How To Design And Print Simple Jewellery

We wanted to take this episode as an opportunity to use some 3D-modelling basics using Fusion 360 to create a simple design for a pair of earrings and a pendant. We will use techniques such as offsetting, mirroring, geometric constraints and assembly with rigid joints to create out models.

The first part of the video shows the steps it took to complete the model, the second one is for the ones who just enjoy watching a 3D Printer print away.

Prints were made on a Prisa i3 MK2 using colorfabb woodfill, Fillamentum Crystal Clear PLA and Fillamentum Exrtafill Traffic Red PLA.

You can find all of the models on


Print settings were mostly stock, except for the Fillamentum PLA, which we printed 5 with 195°C on the first layer and 190 on the subsequent ones.

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