DIY 3D-Printed Microscope Ring Light – Part 2

In the previous video we showcased the design of the 3D-Printed microscope mount for a neopixel clone.
It is now time to wrap up this project by designing and fabricating the PCB and its enclosure and getting the prototype software to work on an ATTINY85.


We used Prima SELECT PETG for the housing.

Part 1:

STL Files:




  • Very good work with this light. I am trying to make one and I don’t know where can I find your “button.h” library included in the sketch, because I don’t have this library in my Arduino folder, and I couldn’t find a suitable one.

  • Hi Thanks for a great project. I am part way through the build but cannot find the values for the potentiometers. I maybe missing something. can you please point out to where I can find this information?

    Thanks again


    • Hello Brian,

      The actual values for the potentiometers don’t really matter, as the ADC of the ATTiny only measures a relative voltage change from 0-5V in this case and turns it into a number from 0 to 1023. The actual resistance value just limits the current that can pass through. I think I used something in the order of 10K for this project.

      Have a nice day,

  • Thanks Robert, I have now completed this project, using a couple of 5k pots I had on hand. Might replace them in the future when stocks arrive.

    I am surprised how well they work, and the only modification I would make to it is using the next bigger ring, which would produce some more light and a greater distance from the center for using the moving led’s. the down side is easier to bump and damage.

    Thanks once again for a terrific project and I fully understand the work that goes into something like this.

    Looking forward to the next one.


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